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Vegetables in Paper Bags

Read It Before You Eat it

Are you sure you are making the right choices? Not sure what’s actually healthy? Want to learn how to shop healthier and smarter? 

Join the workshop and learn practical tips & tricks to make sure the food you eat supports your health goals and NOT undermine them. 

When: May 22, Sunday 10:00 - 11:00 am

Where: GRIT Fitness & Dance Studio - Lodge Road, Westport

Workshop fee: €20

What will we cover?

About Me

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So glad you stopped by! My name is Nikki Virag, and I am a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach, graduated from the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health and full member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

My passion is to educate, motivate and support clients to embrace healthier choices and habits around food, exercise and stress management, using evidence-based, personalised nutrition & lifestyle strategies.

My mission as a Nutrition & Health Coach:

✅  To give you the skills, tools and knowledge you need to succeed in reaching your health goals

✅  To make you feel confident and in control of your health

✅  To help you move away from obstacles and break unhelpful habits and behaviours that undermined your progress so far

✅  To free up your brain space and remove any guesswork on what is good for you and your body

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