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Have you been recently diagnosed with IBS?*  Are you overwhelmed with searching the internet for FODMAP guidelines and recipes, only to burn out and have your symptoms return?



You're in the right place! Relief is on the way.



My Low FODMAP Simplified 7-day Meal Plan, provides you with a proven system to get nourishing, low FODMAP meals to the table fast without breaking a sweat in the kitchen. You'll have a repertoire of low FODMAP meals and snacks you can count on to deliver big nutrition and relief without the hassle.


*a low FODMAP diet should only be followed while under the care of a credentialed healthcare professional with experience in using this approach to managing symptoms related to IBS and other GI conditions.

Does this sound familiar...

  • I want to follow the low FODMAP diet my practitioner prescribed, but it's just so hard!

  • I don't know which foods are low FODMAP

  • I don't have a lot of time to cook 

  • I'm not confident in the kitchen

  • I'm frustrated with not having a plan

It doesn’t have to be this way 👆 - there is a solution that won't cost a ton of gluten-free dough! {sorry for the food pun}

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Welcome to your 7-day FODMAP Meal Plan that ends your struggle!

Here's what you can expect from this 2.99 Meal Plan, Low FODMAP Simplified

👉 A 7-day meal plan backed by evidence-based research supporting the key nutrients

👉 Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks following the low FODMAP guidelines


👉 Meals and snacks using kitchen and pantry essentials [no cooking skills required - just the basics here!]

👉 Grocery list for the corresponding meal plan

👉 Complete prep guide on how to follow the meal plan and stay organised

👉 Resources to support you in building a low FODMAP kitchen

Eliminate the guesswork and take control of your symptoms with nourishing, low-effort meals that accommodate your low FODMAP restrictions!

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Why You Should Work With Me

✅  I am a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach, graduated from the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health and full member of the UK Health Coaches Association

✅  It's my mission to research and study the impact of evidence-based nutrition education and provide the best information backed by what science knows today

✅ Having been diagnosed with IBSm I’ve been on the same struggle bus as you trying to feed my family nourishing meals without stress and overwhelm

✅  I have eliminated my IBS symptoms completely, having seen firsthand what kitchen confidence can do to improve health

Are you ready to to get simple, nourishing, low FODMAP meals on the table without overwhelm and stress in the kitchen?

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If You Need More Support -
1:1 Nutrition & Health Coaching (online)

My passion is to educate, motivate and support clients to embrace healthier choices and habits around food, exercise and stress management using personalised nutrition and lifestyle strategies that are evidence-based, research-backed and proven to work.

Why work with a Nutrition & Health Coach?

✅  To give you the skills, tools and knowledge you need to succeed and reach your goals

✅  To make you feel calm, confident and in control of your health

✅  To help you move away from obstacles and break unhelpful habits and behaviors that hindered your progress so far

✅  To free up your brain space and remove any guesswork on what is good for you and your body

✅  To help you identify where triggers or problems may have arisen in the past, and make better choices in future

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