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  • Where do you hold the sessions?
    All sessions take place online, via Zoom or Skype (or alternatives) from the comfort of your own home. For Corporate Wellness events, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. To learn more about visiting a Nutritionist and how I can help you, click here.
  • Can we meet in person?
    Please note that the 1:1 consultations are online, on Zoom or Skype, except for Corporate Wellness events - please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.
  • What does the initial consultation entail?
    After receiving your booking confirmation, I will send you a detailed health questionnaire along with a 5-day food diary that you will need to email back to me before our initial consultation. This will allow me to get a comprehensive overview of your health symptoms, history and dietary factors, so we can tailor-make the best approach to your goals. ​ The initial consultation is done 1:1 via Zoom (or Skype), for around 1-1,5 hrs. During our session we will go through the questionnaire in detail and I will ask a lot of additional questions to get better understanding of your lifestyle, health, diet and goals. You will receive a detailed personal nutrition plan, lifestyle recommendations, loads of additional materials and resources that can help you on your journey. In addition, I will provide you with plenty of recipes that you can use for inspiration. We will meet for follow-up sessions after 2-3 weeks of your initial consultation (2 follow-ups are included in the Kickstart bundle, 4 in the All-in bundle). This time we will discuss how you are getting on, your thoughts and feedback so far, and make the necessary adjustments or progress with the next steps in your journey. The number of follow up sessions needed entirely depends on your goals - I will help you establish a realistic timelime for the best results. Would you like to learn more? Read more about how it works and how I can help you here, or get in touch today!
  • How many sessions are necessary?
    That really depends on your goals. It takes time and patience to develop and adopt healthy eating habits, and it's crucial for you to get the right support until you achieve your goals. I will help you to establish a realistic timeline for your goals, and don't forget that you deserve to take this time for the best results! You can choose between 2 bundles to start with - the first includes the Initial Session + 2 follow-up sessions, while the next one comes with the Initial Session + 4 follow-ups. In both cases, it's absolutely possible (and often necessary) to book individual follow-up sessions afterwards so we can check-in regularly. However, by booking one of these options, you can avail of a discount. Book your preferred option here!
  • What if I have further questions after our session?
    You can contact me anytime in-between your sessions, I'm happy to help and answer any questions!
  • What will my plan look like?
    That depends on your goals and life situation! There is no one-size-fits-all for nutrition, as each one of us is so unique, with different needs. We will come up with a plan that best suits you to get started with. Along the way, I will provide you with recommended foods, meal ideas, preparation, lifestyle changes and heaps of resources to build your healthy habits. Ready to get started? Book your initial appointment here or learn more about Nutrition & Health Coaching on this link.
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