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Corporate Wellness

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Support your team's performance by offering them the tools and strategies they need to achieve optimal health & wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes that will have a lasting positive impact on their lives and within the workplace. 

Nutrition & wellness talks and workshops

Nowadays promoting health and wellness at the workplace is a must-have, with many businesses offering various wellness benefits to their employees. As result, employers can benefit from higher engagement and work satisfaction, better productivity,  and even - increased retention. 

Healthy eating, proper nutrition and stress management are cornerstones of our health, and giving employees practical skills to achieve positive lifestyle changes can make a real difference in the overall work environment. 

My corporate wellness workshops and health/nutrition talks are highly customized and depend on your needs and requirements - from a full-day wellness day to 60-min talks or half-day workshops, I'm happy to work together to establish a program that works the best for your team and business. These can be entirely online, but I am available on-site across Ireland. 

Some topic ideas

  • Stress management with nutrition

  • Nutrition for mental health - how we can improve our cognitive skills, reduce stress and anxiety with healthy eating

  • Balancing health & nutrition at work - how to manage nutrition and busy lifestyle effectively 

  • Supporting the immune system with nutrition

  • Increasing energy, endurance and productivity with nutrition

  • Keeping it real - how to make better food choices, avoid food labeling tricks 

  • Eating & feeding the family in the right way 

  • Healthy eating masterclass 

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