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1:1 Nutrition & Health Coaching

Get ready to transform your body and mind with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan! This program is for you if you are looking for lasting positive changes in your life.

What's included?

How It Works

All consultations take place online on Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. After receiving your booking confirmation, I will send you a detailed health questionnaire along with a 5-day food diary that you will need to email back to me before our initial consultation. This will allow me to get a comprehensive overview of your health symptoms, history and dietary factors, so we can tailor-make the best approach to your goals. 

The initial consultation is done 1:1 via Zoom (or Skype), for around 1-1,5 hrs. During our session, we will go through the questionnaire in detail and I will ask a lot of additional questions to get a better understanding of your lifestyle, health, diet and goals.

Following our session, you will receive a detailed personal nutrition plan, lifestyle recommendations, loads of additional materials and resources that can help you on your journey. In addition, I will provide you with plenty of recipes that you can use for inspiration.


You will also get access to an app that will truly take your journey to the next level! Using the app will let you:

  • Log your meals & activity

  • Track your progress

  • Receive real-time feedback and accountability

  • Receive daily/weekly goals & reminders based on what we discussed

  • Have a chat any time you have questions/feedback or simply need some support

  • All materials, information, and plans will be uploaded there - everything centralised, never lost!

  • You can use the app on desktop, iOS or Android

Follow-up consultations

We will meet for follow-up sessions after 2-3 weeks of your initial consultation (2 follow-ups are included in the Kickstart bundle, 4 in the All-in bundle with the possibility to schedule additional sessions). This time we will discuss how you are getting on, your thoughts and feedback so far, and make the necessary adjustments or progress with the next steps in your journey. The number of sessions needed in order to reach your goals depends on various factors, but I will help you in establishing a realistic timeline for the best results!

I would recommend scheduling follow-up sessions every 3-4 weeks, to make sure that you get the best results and experience. I will help you establish a realistic timeline to reach the changes you are looking for. 

Are you still not sure if this is the right step for you? Please feel free to book a FREE 15-minute consultation, so we can discuss how I can assist in reaching your goals and answer any questions. 

Are you ready to start your journey to a happier, healthier you? 

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Got a question?

Have a look at the FAQ here or get in touch below and I'm happy to answer any questions. 

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